The Physiodermie line developed in Geneva, Switzerland in 1974, consists of a variety of natural skin care products, with the highest quality ingredients designed to be applied using the philosophy of balancing skin care with physiology and morphology.  Physiodermie offers natural Skin Care Products derived from long-time research. Consumer studies have shown that we live in an anti-conformist era which allows individuality to triumph. The Physiodermie Method has been designed to meet every woman's needs. Each Physiodermie product constantly benefits from the scientific innovations developed in the Sintyl Laboratory. The latest formulations linked to the discovery of new molecules and high precision packaging techniques mean that Physiodermie's product range is at the forefront of technological development. Physiodermie passionate interest in human nature and beauty care. The latest technological developments in skin care, including MEIMA ( Micro encapsulation of active ingredients from plants and essential oils for programmed distribution ) which offers further potential for targeted and individual use of synergies between natural plant extracts and essential oils. Shortly - Physiodermie is A METHODOLOGY OF BEING AND OF BEAUTY.

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