YONKA products was created in 1957 by two brothers, both botanists, who rejected the move to pharmaceuticals for skin care and who eventually perfected the stabilization of essential oils in a water-based emulsion. This allowed the inclusion of both essential oils and plant extracts in the same product, thus both treating and nourishing the targeted tissues.

YonKa is so committed to botanical and specifically aromatherapeutic treatment, that only four of its products contain animal extracts, and those (in the anti-aging line) are synthetically produced. Fruit Acid-Therapy uses Alpha and Beta Hydroxyl acids (AHA& BHA) which have been in YonKa palette of ingredients for thirty years. Fruit acids hydrate, exfoliate, and promote cell renewal. Today, YONKA remains the leader in this field with four distinctions: Yonka's AHA-BHA are organically founded as opposed to synthetic; Yon-ka selects multiple AHAs versus mono-glycolic-acid formulas. YonKa products is a favorite in European salons and spas, yonka is it known to be seriously therapeutic: its"pure emulsion," the base yonka product line, is used in French burn centers. Yon-Ka products are by definition strongly aromatic and easily win client loyalty, which is greatly enhanced when the efficacy of the products becomes evident.


We are an authorized Yonka skin care center. We offer competitive prices on all our products.

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